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So, I've had a few days of holidays on my own. I decided to go on a bit of a movie and TV binge, catch up with a pile of stuff I've been meaning to watch.

So, movie-wise:

Saw V - pretty much what I expected, not significantly better, worse or even different to Saws II through IV. Watchable enough, though, I suppose.

The Midnight Meat Train - nice build-up, lame ending. Still, not too bad. But I'm getting really sick of digital blood and gore in movies, it always looks so ridiculous. Stick with makeup, guys, it looks so much better, even the cheap stuff.

Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds and Feast 3: The Happy Finish - genuinely demented films. It's kind of nice to see horror movies taking themselves not even one iota seriously. The creatures in this have every bodily fluid imaginable, and they're all shown here. Yes, all. They even rape a cat. Ridiculously gory and stupid, obnoxious and gleefully offensive, and yet... how can you hate a series of films that finishes with a Mariachi singer recounting the plots of all three movies in song???

AS for TV, I've watched:

Dollhouse: Season 1 - I've heard such mixed reports about Dollhouse, so I've held off watching it until now. And you know what? I liked it a lot. Not my favourite Whedon, not by a long shot, but it's highly watchable and enjoyable, and deals with some big issues, albeit often in a superficial manner. And Eliza Dushku is a lot better in it than I was expecting. The girl can act. Neat, and definitely worth continuing to watch until it inevitably gets cancelled at the end of season 2.

Torchwood: Children of Earth - I hate Torchwood. No, seriously, I loathed the series. It was only on glowing reports from other people that I obtained this, and even then I didn't get around to watching it until now. But you know what? The first four episodes were some bloody gripping TV. This is what Torchwood should have been from day one, an adult version of Doctor Who, not just one that uses swearing and smut to simulate adulthood. Actual heavy issues dealt with, difficult moral decisions, characters that are neither good nor evil, just... practical. Very nice. Fell apart completely into pseudoscience technobabble at the end, mind you, but that's Davies for you. Still definitely worth the journey.

Not bad for less than a week, huh? Now, of course, my sweety is on holidays with me, so we won't be watching quite as much, I suspect. But it was nice while it lasted. ;)
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