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Currently over at Sinister Reads, they're profiling some Aussies who've been recommended [1] for the HWA's Bram Stoker awards, basically the biggest awards for horror in the world. The latest post, HERE, covers two of my favourite LJ buddies, [profile] felicitydowker and [profile] ashr501 for their long fiction. It also includes what I think is a funny quote:

His most recent story, The Message, appeared in Midnight Echo #2, a story which award winning author Martin Livings said “… ‘jeez, I wish I’d written this!’”

"Award winning"! I have to laugh at this. Felicity's already won more awards than I've managed in twenty years of doing this, and I guarantee, if Andrew hasn't beaten me already, he will very soon. Still, I have to enjoy it, as it's the only chance my name will be mentioned in a post about recommendations for the Stokers. :)

Nice one, guys... not to mention [profile] kaaronwarren being recommended for Best First Novel, something which I clearly think is worthy.
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Here's some more, from [profile] felicitydowker...

Reply to this meme by yelling (or any other form of writing) "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

Da words... )
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...for awards!

Firstly, the shortlist for the Australian Shadows award have been announced here. Some surprises on the list, not so much from what's nominated (all extremely worthy nominees) as what's not. [ profile] fearofemeralds's Aurealis Award-winning "Painlessness" is a notable omission, though I guess, since she's the director of the awards, that might have been due to a perceived conflict of interest. Still, the best should always out, surely? I'm also very disappointed in myself not to make the list; it's always the way, the years I think I have a really strong output, it all comes to naught, while the years I think I've been weaker I tend to do better in the nominations field. It proves that I have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm doing, clearly!

Secondly, nominations for the West Australian Science Fiction Foundation awards (better known as the Tin Ducks) are now open. I've nominated my favourite WA-written story of last year, [ profile] battblush's "The Conductor's Tale" from Canterbury 2100. I've decided not to nominate myself this time around, as it feels self-serving, plus, y'know, probably not even going to Swancon anyway! But if anyone else REALLY wants to, my eligible works last year were:

"Bedbugs", Voices
"The Dead Priest's Tale", Canterbury 2100
"Piggies", Midnight Echo Issue 1
"Catharsis", Black Box
"3:17AM", Black Box
"Skin Songs", 2012

Although, actually, come to think of it, please don't nominate me. That'll make a clean sweep of all the awards this year, no nominations whatsoever, which would be awesome... in a perverse kind of way!
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I'm up for an Australian Shadows award this year.

Of course, Terry Dowling will win it. Or Jason Nahrung, or Rick Kennett. All more worthy than my wee little story. Still, I don't think I've even made the shortlist before.

Cool. :)


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