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Jun. 13th, 2008 12:02 pm
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this will be my last post. the battery's almost flat on this piece of shit lenovo laptop. but i'd probably still have a few posts left in me, if i wasn't stuck in a lift between floors.

it seemed like a good idea at the time. while on the roof, i noticed that the creatures were gathered mainly around the front entrance of the library. but there's a side door we can use to get up here as well, one that the lift in the IT area leads to. from there, it's a short run to the car park, and then i could drive the hell out of here, go and get izz, then keep driving until we found somewhere safe. if any place like that still existed.

shut the hell up! szd fdsgojdfsg dsksdhg dsgdfghfhdfhgdsf

sorry. it's hard to concentrate with all the noise outside. where was i?

i climbed back into the office, which was still deserted, then made a run for the lift. next to it is a weird little nook, where the designers clearly didn't quite know what to do; there's electricals in a room nearby, they couldn't block that door, so they ended up with this bizarre little notch in the wall, big enough to stand in. i remember the day we found out we had our house, that's where i was standing, to be away from the rest of the office, hidden so i could talk freely. it's good for that. for hiding.

and not just for me.

as i passed it, the half zombie that i'd left behind grabbed my ankle and yanked. i fell forward and slammed face first into the closed lift doors. my sight went red, then grey. if it had been a cartoon, tweeting birds would have circled my head. but it wasn't a cartoon.

i regained consciousness when the zombie chewed through my jeans and into my calf.

fuck, i can't stop the bleeding. the skin's looking bad, too, sort of creeping back away from the bite, with a yellow tinge to it. its oozing clear liquid as well, and smells awful.

i've seen enough zombie movies to know what's happening. if this was a movie, i'd pull out my gun and blow my brains out. but this isn't a movie, it's perth, australia, and i don't have a gun, or anything else for that matter.

i kicked the damn half zombie off my leg screaming, then reached up and pressed the lift button a bunch of times. it must have been on the ground floor, as the doors didn't open straight away, and i spent what felt like hours just kicking wildly at the face of the zombie as it tried to bite me again and again. its nose shattered under my sneaker. one eye popped. then the doors swished open behind me, and i scrambled into the lift and pressed the ground floor button. they closed again with excruciating slowness, but luckily Eric the half-a-zombie didn't manage to follow me in time.

then it was descending, away from level four, down to level two, the ground floor. i know that sounds weird, but level one is actually the basement level, where all the periodicals and stuff are kept. anyway, that's not relevant. what's relevant is that i thought i'd escaped. the doors would open, i'd sprint out of the little private lobby there, out the door, up the hill to my car, and freedom.

the doors opened.

the lobby was full of them. i don't know how they knew i was coming, whether they smelled me in the lift, but they'd smashed through the glass doors yet again and were waiting for me. i screamed, pressed the elevator buttons, but they didn't work. i remembered then that i needed my swipe card, and struggled to extricate my wallet from my pocket.

and all the time, they came forward.

i kicked and punched at them, snarling like a cornered animal, which i guess is exactly what i was. i don't know how i kept them back, i got bitten a few times on my hands and forearms, but i managed to swipe my card and press the level three button. the doors closed, and the elevator moved again.

i thought as fast as i could. i knew they'd be waiting for me, whatever level i went to. that only left one option.

i pressed the emergency stop.

that's where i've been ever since. i can hear them, above me and below me, beating their rotten hands against the steel doors of the lifts. i'm sure they'll get them open, eventually. there's no escape.

one good thing, i got an email back from izz. they're holed up securely at her work, and one of them even managed to contact the police. i think she'll be okay. i have to believe that. it's the only thing that makes all this worthwhile.

jesus, what was that? a thump on the roof of the lift. something scrambling around up there. a familiar smell.

i think it's Eric the half-a-zombie again. no escape this time. shit.

signing off now. keep safe, anyone left reading this. and pay attention to the warning labels. don't use lifts in case of emergency.

ciao, babies. and remember to blog like it's the end of the world. because it is.

i hope yzwrRDSGAWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



Jun. 13th, 2008 11:40 am
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okay, they're zombies.

after a while i noticed that they weren't coming out of the window anymore. i figured they'd all gone back to the ground, where they could see me. a played a little game where i'd run back and forth across the edge of the roof, and watch them all surge along the ground, first one way, then the other. it was a weird sight, like a wave made up of people, a tide flowing in and out.

they're moaning. how did i not notice that before? all of them together, like a wind.

i knew i needed supplies, so i emptied my backpack and climbed back down to the broken window. the office was totally ruined, but empty. i jogged between the cubicles to the tea room. there's a fridge there, where people put their lunches and drinks and shit. i figured there'd be something to eat there, soemthing i could take back to the roof with me, and some water too.

better than that. a dozen cans of pepsi max (god, i wish it was coke!), some sandwiches from a few days back, and a six pack of vodka cruisers. noice!

as i left the tea room, i heard a soft noise near the door to the office. i should have just gone back to the roof, but i was curious. it didn't sound dangerous.

what an idiot.

i came around the corner to the door, to see this guy crawling across the floor towards me. he saw me and bared his teeth, hissed like a snake. blood poured from his mouth, black, coagulated blood. his eyes were clouded.

he was missing from the waist down. his guts dangled behind him as he crawled.

god, it makes me shudder thinking about it. i think i went a little crazy right there, like a part of my brain gave up the ghost, shrivelled and died. the sight of it, pulling itself towards me, leaving a dark red snail trail on the carpet. i looked past him, past the door, and saw the other half of him. it seemed he'd fallen while coming through the hole in the glass door the others had broken, and sliced himself in two.

it didn't seem to bother him.

jesus fucking christ.

i ran. i climbed back up here to the roof. there's so many of them out there, more all the time.

i can't stay here. if i stay here, i'll die. i've been watching the skies for any sign of rescue. there are no helicopters, not even any planes high up. the skies are as dead as the people down there. deader. the people down there are still moving around.

sooner or later, i'll run out of food and water. then i'll starve.

i have to get out of here. i have to get to izz's work, find out if she's okay. god, i hope she's okay. i can't imagine how she'd be dealing with this. she's so sensitive.

i hope she's not alone. dear god, please don't let her be alone.

i have to get out of here.



Jun. 13th, 2008 11:27 am
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made it.

can't use the computer too much, wireless is draining the battery something chronic. but i found a fire extinguisher, nice and dense and easy to swing, and smashed the window of the office. it took a lot more work than i expected. movies have really ruined reality. then i stepped onto the shades. something grabbed at my leg as i climbed up, but i kicked it away. i'm bloody glad i brought my backpack to work today, or climbing with the laptop would have been a fucking nightmare. as it was, it was still a fucking nightmare. i looked down and regretted it, not because of the height but because of the dozens of bloodied grey arms i saw waving from the hole in the glass i left behind. one of the things tumbled out of the hole, rolled across a louvre and fell to the paving two floors below, head first. its skull cracked like a watermelon, and splashed blood and brains all over the bricks. it didn't move after that.

then i was on the roof.

there's nowhere to hide up here, not really. there's an access point over on the east corner, which i'm keeping a close eye on, but i don't see how they could get to it. and i check over the edge to where i escaped, just to see if any of them are climbing up after me. quite a few have tried, but they've all fallen.

i think i'm safe for the moment. or, at least, as safe as i can be, without food or water or hope of rescue. There aren't hundreds of them around the building now, it's more like thousands. its like a rally or something. the last time i saw this many people in one place was at the V festival in the UK a few years back. but these guys aren't dancing or smoking or drinking or tripping. they're just milling around.

and they only have eyes for me.

what's going on out there? the news sites aren't updating, but blogs seem pretty damn confused. some have said they're zombies. is that possible? that's not possible.

is it?

jesus, someone help me, please...



Jun. 13th, 2008 11:01 am
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last post from my pc. the glass has broken. i can hear desks falling.

if you don't hear from me again... well, yeah.

i love you, izz. if you're still alive, and can read this, i love you, always and in all ways.


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it wasnt the police. they've figured out the stairs.

i've piled desks and stuff in front of the doors to the IT area. the door and walls are glass, thick glass, but they're out there and pounding on it. its not cracking, not yet, and they don't seem to be too strong anyway, but there's so damn many of them, sooner or later it's gonna give.

why the hell did the uni make all the doors out of glass? what the hell good are they??? security still aren't answering their mobile. and i can't make any calls on my mobile.

i can't reach izz. i dropped her at work this morning before coming here. christ, i hope she's okay. i've emailed her, but haven't gotten a reply. oh god, please let her be okay...

i'm charging a laptop up as we speak, so i can make a break for it if i have to. thank christ the whole uni has wireless access, so i won't be out of contact if i need to abandon my cubicle. gotta think, where can i go that's safe? where's everyone else gone?

i wonder if i can get up into the roof? or maybe outside? the whole building's covered with louvres, so climbing up them should be a doddle, and hopefully beyond the abilities of these... things.

what are they? they look like... no.

what are they???



Jun. 13th, 2008 10:41 am
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if anyone's reading this, i'm on the fourth floor of the library at ECU in joondalup, in the IT area. i can't get out. can someone call the police and get them the hell over here? there are hundreds of the bastards outside now, i can see them through the windows, stumbling down the hill from the carpark, swarming towards me. it's like they can smell me, the same way i can smell them.

shit, the power just flickered on and off. i hope it stays on. the net's my only line to the outside world.

what was that? hang on, there was a bang at the office doors. maybe someone else is out there, and needs to get in. maybe it's the cops. god i hope so!


holy crap!

Jun. 13th, 2008 10:33 am
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jesus, those guys out there came at me the minute i stepped outside. i wasn't scared at first, they just walked towards me, but then i realised they were ALL walking towards me, every single one of them. they didn't seem to listen to me, no matter how loud i shouted at them. so i ran back into the library, but they followed me through the automatic doors. dozens of them are in the building now, swarming all over the ground floor. i've locked the door to the IT area here on level four, which is the only way in, apart from the lift at the back of the office, and that needs a swipe card to get up to this level, so i should be okay. they don't seem to have found their way to the fourth floor yet, anyway; stairs seem to be a stumper for them.

they smell really bad. i can smell them even up here, behind locked doors and a couple of storeys away. like meat that's been left out of the fridge on a hot day. and a lot fo them seemed to be injured, but it didn't seem to bother them.

i've just tried the phones, but i can't get an outside line. internal calls still work, mind you. i called security, which forwarded to their mobile, but no-one answered. internet's still working, too, thank god. i'm checking blogs, sounds like other people are reporting similar things. it's not just here.

what the hell is going on???



Jun. 13th, 2008 09:29 am
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I got to uni today, to find the carpark all but empty. Found myself wondering if it was Saturday or something. The office is deserted. Is there a meeting I wasn't aware of? Some kind of planning day everyone's gone to? And where are all the students?

Hang on, I just looked out the window, and there are some people in the grassy open area outside the library. They look a bit like students, though students usually dress quite well. These guys actually look more like homeless people. What are homeless people doing at uni?

I'll go out and ask them. BRB.



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