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So, as is being reported far and wide, the 2009 Ditmar nominations have been announced. Huge congrats to all the worthy nominees, especially those on my f-list, of which there are a heap. As for me (hey, it's my blog!), well, I've never really been able to crack the Ditmars, but at least this year I can take vicarious pleasure from being in three of the collections nominated for "Best Collected Work", plus being the ex-mentor of one of the "Best Fan Writer" nominees. Hey, you take what you can get! ;)

Full writeup here:
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I remember [ profile] battblush saying she couldn't review Canterbury 2100, presumably because both she and her hubbie, not to mention a gamut of her friends, were in it. Tish pshaw, I said, and sat down to read it with every intention of reviewing it.

And I can't. Not because I'm in it, that's never stopped me before, but because it's a bloody difficult book to review. So instead, I'm going to talk about my experiences with it, starting with writing for it. Warning, there will be spoilers in this discussion.

Discussion Parte the Firste - In The Beginning... )

Discussion Parte the Seconde - Oopsie... )

Discussion Parte the Thirde - What I thunk... )

Discussion Parte the Fourthe - Storytelling and Art... )
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Martin Livings’ “The Dead Priest’s Tale” is one of my favourites in the whole anthology...

*poing poing poing*
martinlivings: (Carnies) copies of Canterbury 2100 arrived on my doorstep this morning! Yay!

It's so purty... and one that I'm really thrilled to be in, mainly because I didn't write the damn story for it until the last minute, despite having, like, two years advance notice. And now I can read the rest of the stories, if I can ever find the time to read again...

At any rate, "The Dead Priest's Tale" is one of my favourite stories. I can't wait for the first reviews to start trickling in, to see if anyone else liked it!

But I'm not a writer... honest... ;)
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Wow, it's been a while! Anyway, it looks like "The Dead Priest's Tale" has conned its way into Dirk Flinthart's Canterbury 2100 anthology, with some edits for continuity. I can't wait to see what else gets in!


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