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Yes, I've been quiet, mainly because (a) I'm on holiday, and (b) my Internet has been shaped. Oh, and (c) I've got no real news to speak of. But it's early on a Saturday morning and I'm blearily awake, thanks to the unseasonal heat and strong winds outside, and [Bad username or unknown identity: jennifer-brozek"] has just posted the table of contents for the Close Encounters of the Urban Kind anthology from Apex Books, and there's my name, smack bang in the middle. Not to mention [personal profile] petekempshall too. No, really, don't mention him, he's already getting a swelled head. ;)

The ToC is currently looking like this:

Alma Alexander - I Am Sorry for Talking So Rarely to Strangers
Erik Scott de Bie - Racing Lights
Richard Lee Byers - End of Life
Nate Crowder - Frames of Reference
Ivan Ewert - Waterheads
Robert Farnsworth - A Late Night Snack
Pete Kempshall - Dead Letter Drop
Carole Johnstone - The Invitation
Rosemary Jones - Two Out, Wendigo
Martin Livings - Lollo
Eric Lowther - It Came from the Backseat
Ramsey Lundock - Tea Cups & Saucers
Shannon Page - The Hippie Monster of Eel River
Joshua Palmatier - Mastihooba
Jennifer Pelland - Headlights
Rick Silva - Roadkill
Jeff Soesbe - Green Tears on Black Velvet
Eddy Webb - Gloomy Sunday

Once upon a time, I'd pretty much know every single person who's in a book with me, by close reputation if not personally, and mostly personally. This one's a bit scary, even more so than Grants Pass. I feel like I've walked into a party and realised I don't know anyone there. Gyulp!

Can't wait to read it, though! That's the main reason I submit to books, in the hope of getting a contributor's copy to read! :)

That's all. Back to the peace and quiet of holidays.
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So, being too impatient to wait for [personal profile] jennifer_brozek to announce the official line-up, I searched the blogosphere, and found a few other authors and stories that will also be in the Close Encounters of the Urban Kind collection. The ones I've found so far are:

Pete Kempshall - "Dead Letter Drop" (nice one, [personal profile] petekempshall!!!)
Nathan Crowder - ""Frames of Reference"
Shannon Page - "The Hippie Monster of Eel River"
Erik Scott de Bie - "Racing Lights"
Jeff Soesbe - "Green Tears on Black Velvet"
Ivan Ewart - "Waterheads"
Martin Livings - "Lollo"

Big congrats to all the lucky ones above, and I can't wait to see who else got in! Though I'm genuinely shocked that [personal profile] jaylake didn't scrape in... apparently not for reasons of quality, just suitability, but even so, I'm stunned...
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Well, [personal profile] jennifer_brozek wasn't kidding when she said she'd get back to people in October... I just found out my story "Lollo" has somehow made it into her Close Encounters of the Urban Kind anthology!

I think that's officially my first purely international sale! Yippee!

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So, I've now sent my story off to Close Encounters of the Urban Kind. I have no idea if [personal profile] jennifer_brozek's gonna like it, but it's done, which is the main thing. And it also marks the last of my deadlines for the time being.

I think I'll take a short break from writing. It's been pretty intense, writing these last two stories, both very different from one another. I'm very satisfied with how they both turned out, though. We'll just have to wait and see if the editors feel the same way!

Hmm, wasn't I meant to be writing a novel, not short stories? Ah well...

*hangs up his quill and parchment for a little bit*
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Regular readers might have noticed that I've been a little quiet lately. That's because my boss is off work sick, so all of her duties have fallen to me, along with my own. The nice thign is, Those Above have acknowledged that and temporarily increased my pay rate to recognise this, but nonetheless, it's been a bloody steep learning curve. I'm not a manager, but right now I'm acting as one. It's very unnerving.

Anyway, as a result, not much blogging. And not much writing either, but I have now managed to finish up a first draft of a story for Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, the final version of which is due at the end of the month.

The only problem is, looking at the story now, I have the strange feeling that it's... well, kinda shite. Plus I have no idea what to call the damn thing. It's a quandary. In fact, it's more than a quandary. It's a quintary. Maybe even a hexary. I'm not sure.

So, anyone feel like taking a quick look at about three thousand words of rough first draft and telling me if my suspicions are correct? If so, please comment here with an email address and I'll send it your way. Comments are screened, so your email won't be seen by anyone but me.

Damn this writerly self-doubting tendency...


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