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I made the finals in [personal profile] jaylake's Flash Fiction competition! Woo!

Go read the stories, then vote for the one you like best, whether it's mine or not. The more people who vote, the truer a result we'll see. Of course, I'd prefer if you voted for me, but only if you genuinely like mine best. Honest. :)
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From the challenge laid down by [personal profile] jaylake HERE...

Story beneath the cut )
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Over on [ profile] jaylake's LJ, he's been talking about the usefulness of keeping the writerly brain exercised by writing little flash stories, just prompted by random words. It's an interesting read. In it, he challenged his readers to do this, prompted by either or both of the words "recondite" or "amanuensis". I chose the former, thought for about three seconds about what it might mean in a very silly world, and came up with the story beneath the cut, posted there for your amusement as well as in Jay's comments.

I'm considering doing this on a regular basis, say once a week. In the morning I'd post a request for a word, and whoever puts in the word first will get the story based on that word. No time to consider or change or choose, or even think of a good plot, just sheer nonsense, but considering how little I've been writing lately, it would have to be an improvement!

Would anyone be interested in seeing that? Or should I just abandon it as a bad idea?

Story beneath the cut... don't worry, no real horror in this one, for a change! )


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