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Oh, and... Tony Abbott??? Tony freakin' Abbott??? This is the man who'll lead them to glorious victory at the next election??? I don't think so, guys...
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...shouldn't talk about how "dumb" an actress is, then misspell "Hitler"...

Proofreading FAIL...
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The other day, I caught the end of the recently-axed afternoon show on channel 9, the one with a Daddo, a blonde woman and a traitor, apparently. Anyway, they were talking about a new dating web site in Melbourne called Drive By Dating, where you display a sticker on your car and if you see someone else with the sticker on their car that you like the look of, you can contact them through the website. Wonderful, also known as Drive By Stalking, but hey. That's tacky enough, but they showed the company's logo over and over again, and nobody said anything. Nobody said a damn thing. And I was sitting there, wondering, "are they blind????"

Here's their website:

And here's their logo, as it appears on their website, their stickers, and all over the news report:

I mean, really???? Nobody noticed????
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And vaguely sci-fi too!
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Based on the post by [personal profile] ashamel where it's deemed important to have famous people seen with your book...

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It may appear that I have too much spare time on my hands, but appearances can be deceiving. It's more that I'm doing anything I can to avoid doing what I have to do...


Jun. 22nd, 2009 09:09 am
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This made me laugh...

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Here I am, doing anything I can do avoid both working and writing... so, I had a weird dream last night, which I can't remember the specifics of, but there was a horrible image in my head when I woke up that I haven't been able to shift since, so I sat down with Paint Shop Pro and Google Images, and made it into a reality... maybe a nightmare shared will be a nightmare halved. ;)

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Yes, I'm strange. Deal.
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Based on the idea that the Bible could be rewritten to include dinosaurs (see, comes...

The King Of Kings! )

Okay, so I'm going to Hell, I know that...
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Before we went to the UK, we got travel insurance from HBF. As we were leaving the office, the lady wished us a pleasant flight. And Izz responded, "you too". We barely made it out of the office before cracking up with laughter.

Such is the power of the inappropriate you-too. The animated show "Doctor Katz" had a very funny segment about it. You know, you get a meal from a fast food joint, the counter person says "enjoy your meal", and you say "you too! Uh, you too, er, enjoy you meal... when you have one..." It's one of my favourite linguistic reflexes to watch.

However, now I have taken it one step beyond, with the reverse inappropriate you-too. It adds a level of surreality to proceedings that invariably throws people. For example, in the mornings, Izz has a shower first, then she comes out of the bathroom and I go in for my shower. Lately, as I've been going into the bathroom, I've been saying to my sweety, "enjoy your shower", to which she replies "you too". It takes the inappropriate you-too and turns it on its head, so that the you-too is now appropriate, but the statement to which the you-too is made is not.

Try it. When buying lunch at McDonalds, tell the counter person to enjoy his meal. Tell airline ticket salespeople to have a nice flight. Wait for the you-too. Then you've won.
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From Shortpacked...

I like it so much, I've made an icon out of it. ;)
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This one made me laugh... it also made me wish it was me!


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