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Another review of Grants Pass has hit the interwebs, and it's another nice one. It's available here:

I'm chuffed to have scored a mention, apart from misspelling the name of my story. ;)
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The exciting Grants Pass post-apocalyptic anthology is now available for pre-order. This one's looking like a beauty, and got a fantastic review on Oz Horrorscope HERE. So I can't recommend it highly enough, with stories by such luminaries as Jay Lake, Cherie Priest and Ed Greenwood.

To help promote it, and to spread the word as widely as possible, [personal profile] jennifer_brozek is running a little competition, just to sweeten the deal. Jennifer sez:

Like all good authors and editors, I want to get the word out for my upcoming anthology GRANTS PASS. As such, I am having a contest to help this. If you spread the word about the GRANTS PASS anthology and its pre-order link between the dates of May 29, 2009 and June 6, 2009 and then link your post to THIS contest journal entry (, your name will be tossed into the hat for a prize. This prize includes stuff from Grants Pass city, a letter from Kayley Allard and other neat stuff. Please note that if you win this prize you will need to email me your postal address.

The GRANTS PASS anthology is available for pre-order from Morrigan Books at

So go ahead! Pre-order it today, before the Swine Flu kills us all!
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Oz Horrorscope are ahead of the curve, as usual, as [ profile] chuckmck1 reviews Grants Pass, which should be out any moment now (EDIT - August 2009... that's quite a preview review!)...

Overall a glowing review, with special mentions of [ profile] azhure, [ profile] jaylake and, er, some other schmuck from Perth...

Nice work, [ profile] amandapillar and Jennifer! A passionate project, finally come to fruition, and it appears it's gonna be appreciated!


Jan. 21st, 2009 08:30 am
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Grants Pass table of contents announced!

How the hell did I end up in a book with Jay ([ profile] jaylake) Lake and Cherie ([ profile] cmpriest) Priest??? Someone must have made a horrible mistake...

Not that I'm complaining, mind you...


Nov. 18th, 2008 11:50 am
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Passed the half way point to the 50000 target just now, hurray! Not bad for less than a week's work. ;)

If I can keep this up, I should hit 40000 words by the end of this week, then I'll take the weekend off (it's our seven year anniversary, and Izz and I are going away for the weekend), then cruise to victory the next week. Oh, except that, by the structure of this book, it's going to be 60000 words, not 50000. But still, all I have to do is pass the magic fifty by the end of the month, I can finish Obituary off after that! Too easy! :)

Hmm... when am I going to have time to fix up "Ascension" for Grants Pass during all this???

But I'm not a writer... honestly...


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