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The Writing Show, as previously mentioned, is doing its annual Halloween celebration in cahoots with The Australian Horror Writers Association, featuring a bunch of Aussie horror writers reading their stories and being interviewed.

Thus far we've had Chuck McKenzie, Jason Nahrung, Rick Kennett, Kaaron Warren and David Schembri. Personally, I'm downloading them to listen to later, so I can't comment on them just yet. I like to wait until they're all available before I listen, like I did last year, on a National Express bus travelling around the UK.

The latest one's just come out. I don't know if I can bring myself to listen.

I love the fact that, of all these entries, my story is the only one to come with a severe warning at the start. I didn't realise it was that extreme a story!

So, does this count as an overseas publication? :)
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Check out Chuck McKenzie's reading here:

That means... oh dear, only a few days until mine goes up... gulp!
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To celebrate Halloween, here's the 250 word short story I DIDN'T submit to the AHWA competition. Most have already read it, some haven't, but just for fun, here it is again. :)

Party Games, under the cut for adult themes )
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Yeah yeah, a bit early, but so is the ABC's Articulate column, which features a brief comment by yours truly:

The hard part was thinking of a film no-one else would mention. Lucky I did, most of my other faves were critiqued by those more knowledgable than I!


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