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50050 words!

Go Martin...

Go Martin...

Go Martin...

Go Martin...

Go Martin...

Go Martin...

The book isn't done, mind you. I think I'm probably a quarter of the way through the story, though it's difficult to tell at this point. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But I think I'll take a brief break from it, catch my breath, and have a think about where it's going to go next.

Still... go me. :)
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Yeah, I'm not doing these every day this time around. Just from time to time.

NaNoWriMo Day Five
Target: 8330
Written: 10103
Position: +1773

Blather about the book beneath the cut... )
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It seems the gods are consiring to keep my spirits up on the first day of NaNo... firstly, Antipodean SF has released its latest issue, including my story, "Zero Point", one of my increasingly-rare forays into SF stories. So, yay me!

And secondly, The Specusphere has released a new issue, and in it is a plethora of reviewy goodness, including:

Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume 3 - "Other particularly strong and disturbing pieces included... There was Darkness by Martin Livings..."


Midnight Echoes Issues 1 and 2 - ...the final piece, “Piggies” by Martin Livings, would have been earmarked as my personal favourite despite its short length, had I not just eaten when I read it. It quite literally left my toes curling and helped maintain the lingering feeling of uneasiness I had developed in reading this anthology.

It's great to see Specusphere start to really take on Australian horror, it's been a little lax in doing so, but with [profile] felicitydowker there carrying the flag for us, I'm sure we'll get even more reviews in the future!
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NaNoWriMo Day One
Target: 1666
Written: 1964
Position: +298

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So, yesterday on Facebook, I bragged to [profile] mikandra that I wasn't going to plan anything to write for my NaNoWriMo this year, just go with the flow. Nothing in mind.


Then I went to bed and continued reading [profile] kaaronwarren's Slights, struck by the voice and style she's using in it, a personal, rambling Palahniuk-esque flavour. It reminded me of how I once intended to write a book I've been thinking about for some years now, a non-genre novel called Mister Phoenix. I've tried to figure this book out dozens of times over the years, but could never crack it.

I turned out the light, closed my eyes, tried to go to sleep.

Then Mister Phoenix appeared before me, almost complete. I saw the entire book, from the opening line to its conclusion. I saw the characters, the voices of the characters, the method of the storytelling. And I saw that it just might work.

It's hard sharing a bed with a writer, just ask my sweety. I leapt out, ran to the study, and frantically typed some notes (not too many, mind you!) before they faded. Then I went back to bed.

Today it's not quite as clear as it was last night, but it's still there. And it's a book and a style that will benefit from the quick-fire method of NaNo, it needs to be a stream of consciousness, entirely subjective and as unstructured as I can bring myself to be [1].

Now I have to wait a fortnight for NaNoWriMo to start. I can hardly wait!

[1] I'm a ridiculously structured writer, it's one of my worst flaws. Before I start a book, I usually decide how many chapters I'm going to write and how long each will be. Kind of kills the spontenaeity of it, huh?
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And that's that. Seventeen days, sixty two thousand words, and a lot of help from all of you. Thanks to everyone who contributed words (too many to list here, though later I'll compile you all), I couldn't have done this without your input.

This was an absolute blast, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to do NaNoWriMo but fearing a lack of ideas. I literally dove into this with no idea whatsoever what the book was about. Even the title and the main character were taken from the first set of words given to me ([ profile] tillianion named the book, in case you didn't notice, and [ profile] callistra described the essence of Harry with "sex pony tail fast cars"!). it was the fastest thing I've ever written, and also the easiest and most fun to write in many ways.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Or, if you haven't actually read it yet, that you WILL enjoy it. Probably the easiest way to read it in order is from here:

And now, maybe, just maybe, I can start sleeping properly again. Writing this fast and furious makes the brain do funny things!

PS - I may not leave this up and publically available forever, as if I go back and reread it and like it enough, I may even work on it for publication. So enjoy it while it lasts! :)
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Fifty thousand words in thirteen days. Done and dusted.

Somehow, NaNoWriMo doesn't feel like that much of a challenge anymore. ;)

Technically, I could just stop. I've reached my word goal. But y'know what? I kinda want to know what happens to Harry and Ileana. Hopefully a few other people do too. So I'll finish the damn book. Only six more chapters to go! Oooooh!

But, NaNoWriMo-wise... stick a fork in me, I'm done.


Nov. 25th, 2008 10:45 am
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I started writing Obituary on November 12th, nearly a fortnight after NaNoWriMo officially started. No planning, no forethought, just jumped right in with a few words thrown at me to include for good measure.

Today I should break the fifty thousand word mark. If not today, then early tomorrow.

That means I will have technically completed NaNoWriMo in under two weeks.

It generally takes me longer to read a book than it's taken me to write this one. Of course, I'm not reading this one, just letting it tumble out at random. Plus, hey, it's shite. But I could theoretically write twelve of these babies a year. And they couldn't be much worse than some other books I might name.

So, y'know. Go me. :)
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Yes, on that cliffhanger, I'm going to leave it for a few days, as I'm going to be without Internet and computer for a couple of days. But I'll be back at the coalface bright and early on Monday morning, ready to write the next two of the final ten chapters in my masterpiece (cough cough!).

I've got two words for those chapters already, so I just need four more. However, if there are more than four more offered, I'll start applying them to the chapters that follow these. So, theoretically, the whole course of the rest of the book could be laid out if I get, um, around thirty-odd more words over the weekend. :)

Have a great weekend, all, and prepare yourselves for the soul-shattering conclusion to the entirely-pulled-out-of-my-arse magnificent octopus that is Obituary!!!!!!!
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C'mon, I'm raring at the bit to get this section of the book done and dusted. Just two more words and I can get started. :)


Nov. 18th, 2008 11:50 am
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Passed the half way point to the 50000 target just now, hurray! Not bad for less than a week's work. ;)

If I can keep this up, I should hit 40000 words by the end of this week, then I'll take the weekend off (it's our seven year anniversary, and Izz and I are going away for the weekend), then cruise to victory the next week. Oh, except that, by the structure of this book, it's going to be 60000 words, not 50000. But still, all I have to do is pass the magic fifty by the end of the month, I can finish Obituary off after that! Too easy! :)

Hmm... when am I going to have time to fix up "Ascension" for Grants Pass during all this???

But I'm not a writer... honestly...
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Okay, I'll start writing the next chapter in, let's say, twenty minutes. So far I have purple go-go boots. If there's nothing else by then, then all there'll be in this chapter is purple go-go boots. Can you live with yourselves if that happens? I don't think so. ;)
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If you want another chapter (or two!) tomorrow, I'll need two more words please.

Thank you. Come again. :)
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C'mon, guys, I have two words and a chapter to write! ;)
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So, yesterday I gave up on NaNoWriMo. I realised that I just couldn't do it this year.

Today, I realised I was right. I can't do it.

Not alone.

But, for the rest of the month, I'm going to write two chapters a day. Maybe even three, if I can manage it. And you're going to help me.

The first three people to reply to this post with words, concepts, idea, etc to be included in the first chapter - and thus shape the entire "book" - will be used. And acknowledged. It's almost like a reward.

That's right, it's like Tuesday's Ten Minute Tales, except every damn day, twice a day, and making it into an ongoing story.

Also, I can't guarantee the ten minute thing this time around, thanks to work and life. But I'll post the chapters on the same day I get the words, before I ask for the next set of words for the next chapter. I hope that's acceptable!

Okay, guys, let's see if this thing will fly!
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Wow, pretty consistent thus far...

NaNoWriMo progress - day 8

Where I Should Be:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
13,333 / 50,000

Where I Am:
Zokutou word meter
0 / 50,000

Don't count me out yet! Like John McCain, I like being the underdog...

Sorry, what's that? He lost?

Ah, bugger...
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Just in case anyone's wondering...

NaNoWriMo progress - day 5

Where I Should Be:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,335 / 50,000

Where I Am:
Zokutou word meter
0 / 50,000

Somehow I don't think it's going to happen this year. ;) [ profile] battblush definitely looks like the winner from my buddy list this year... nice work, Lyn! And [ profile] battersblog's not far behind, nor is [ profile] cassiphone.

[ profile] azhure seems to be taking it easy. Slacker!

[ profile] markdeniz, [ profile] benpayne, what are you doing? Don't let the team down! That's my job!
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Michnight Echo Issue 1 is now available, and features a cavalcade of stories, including my own "Piggies", which the more astute amongst you might recognise as an edited version of one of my Tuesday's Ten Minute Tales. I miss doing them. Sigh. :(

Also, I'm eleven hours into NaNoWriMo, and haven't yet written a single word, or even had an idea what to write. And probably won't have time to do anything about it today. Ah well, that was easy! Maybe my NaNoWriMo should stand for National Not Writing Month! I think that'd be a bigger challenge for some people I know. Yes, I'm looking at you, [ profile] azhure!

Here's the official release statement from the AHWA... )


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