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It seems the gods are consiring to keep my spirits up on the first day of NaNo... firstly, Antipodean SF has released its latest issue, including my story, "Zero Point", one of my increasingly-rare forays into SF stories. So, yay me!

And secondly, The Specusphere has released a new issue, and in it is a plethora of reviewy goodness, including:

Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume 3 - "Other particularly strong and disturbing pieces included... There was Darkness by Martin Livings..."


Midnight Echoes Issues 1 and 2 - ...the final piece, “Piggies” by Martin Livings, would have been earmarked as my personal favourite despite its short length, had I not just eaten when I read it. It quite literally left my toes curling and helped maintain the lingering feeling of uneasiness I had developed in reading this anthology.

It's great to see Specusphere start to really take on Australian horror, it's been a little lax in doing so, but with [profile] felicitydowker there carrying the flag for us, I'm sure we'll get even more reviews in the future!
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Michnight Echo Issue 1 is now available, and features a cavalcade of stories, including my own "Piggies", which the more astute amongst you might recognise as an edited version of one of my Tuesday's Ten Minute Tales. I miss doing them. Sigh. :(

Also, I'm eleven hours into NaNoWriMo, and haven't yet written a single word, or even had an idea what to write. And probably won't have time to do anything about it today. Ah well, that was easy! Maybe my NaNoWriMo should stand for National Not Writing Month! I think that'd be a bigger challenge for some people I know. Yes, I'm looking at you, [ profile] azhure!

Here's the official release statement from the AHWA... )


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