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You guys rock. I collected the Terry Tin today and counted up the money, which came to a little under four hundred dollars. So I rounded up and donated $400 on behalf of Swancon and Terry Pratchett to Alzheimer's Australia, aiming the donation at the research centre.

This is a good thing. A drop in the ocean, maybe, but your generosity humbles me. Everyone who donated deserves a round of applause. Special thanks to [ profile] prk and [ profile] splanky, for guarding the tin with their lives until now.

The receipt for the donation is below... )
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Has anyone got the Swancon programme PDF? If so, can you email it to me, or post it online somewhere? The Swancon website appears to be down, and I'm trying to find out what time a panel I'm on is, er, on. :)
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My father suffers from dementia. Every day he slips away a little more, and we see him a little less. There are still occasions when he's quite lucid, like the clouds have parted and allowed the sun to shine through. But they're getting fewer, shorter, and farther between.

Terry Pratchett was recently diagnosed with a rare early-onset form of Alzheimer's. He is dealing with it in his usual way, with a sardonic sense of humour. And putting his money where his mouth is, by donating a million dollars to Alzheimer's Research in the UK. And Pat Cadigan has dared the SF community to match that.

In our aging population, Alzheimer's is now as common as cancer. Equal numbers of people are affected by both, but in the UK, Alzheimer's research gets 3% of the funding that cancer research receives. It needs more.

I'm going to do my tiny bit this year at Swancon. I've asked if I can put a money tin on the front desk for members to put their spare change in. This money will be donated to the Hazel Hawke Alzheimer's Research & Care Fund here in Australia, in Terry's and Swancon's name. I'm hoping con-goers will think of Terry, who has been a guest of Swancon twice in the past (if I remember correctly!), and give as generously as they can manage.

Let's see if small change can generate big change.
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The Swancon programme is now available! Even though there are no descriptions of any of the panels, so I'm just guessing what they all are, it looks like Friday's going to be our full day for going, plus Sunday night for the awards of course!

Hopefully see some of ya's there!
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The Tin Duck award finalists have been announced, huzzah! The good news is, "There Was Darkness" was nominated. The bad news is, bloody hell, so was absolutely everything else written by a West Aussie last year. :)

With no less than nineteen, count 'em, nineteen stories nominated in the "Best WA Professional Short Work" category, it's literally anyone's award this year, though a few nominees have a slight advantage (Lee "[ profile] battersblog" Battersby, AKA The Behemoth, has an astounding three nominations, while Lainey Cairo, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Sue Isle and AM Muffaz each garnered an impressive two!). I feel very sorry for the poor presenters this year, who'll need copious glasses of water to get through the lists before announcing the winners. I'm glad I'll just be sitting in the audience and trying to roll a critical hit on my d20 to win an award. :)

So, congrats to those on my f-list... )

Blooody hell, that took a lot longer than I intended. Anyway, my apologies to anyone I missed, and biggest crossed fingers ever to each and every one of ya's!

Also, big congrats to [ profile] mynxii for organising this, never an easy thing to do. Nice work, Ju!

Roll on Sunday the 23rd!
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Well, the Tin Duck nominations for 2006 have now been announced. I wasn't expecting much this year, considering I spent it overseas and didn't really put out much content during 2006, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find I've been mentioned four times, twice for my fiction and twice more for more generic group activities. The details are here:

I'm up for the following categories...

Best WA Professional Long Written Work
Carnies, Martin Livings

Best WA Professional Short Work
‘Dwar7es’, Martin Livings, Ticonderoga Online Issue 9

Best WA Unpaid or Fan Production (any media)
The Horror Day Anthology, Martin Livings and Stephanie Gunn
Skeletor and Hordak, Martin Livings

Incidentally, that last one really ought to be "Grant Watson et al", considering he invented the damn strip. If it wins, [ profile] angriest, you're getting up on stage, as is [ profile] cheshirenoir, and [ profile] _fustian if he's there. And we're dedicating it to the only person really doing the strip lately, [ profile] dalekboy, who's an honorary West Australian. :)

Thanks to everyone and anyone who nominated me, I'm chuffed to be mentioned! I guess that's another panel I'll have to turn up to at Swancon now... and, of course, congrats to all those on my f-list who've also been nominated, especially [ profile] azhure, sharing the honours with me on the Horror Day nomination. She did most of the hard work on it, anyway!

EDIT - after writing this, I felt remiss not mentioning the people in my f-list who are also nominated. So big congrats to... *takes a deep breath* [ profile] battersblog, [ profile] stephen_dedman, [ profile] battblush, <[ profile] sjiraiyac, [ profile] punkrocker1991, [ profile] valeskah1, [ profile] nullspace_feed, [ profile] girliejones, [ profile] angriest and [ profile] mynxii, plus anyone else I may have inadvertently forgotten. Nice one, guys! It's win-win! :)
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Oh my God, can you believe that Swancon is coming in less than three weeks?

EDIT - wow, I got the dates wrong in the original post... I blame sleep deprivation...

After missing it entirely last year, which is only maybe the second or third time since my first visit in 1990, this year I plan to just go for two full days, the Friday and the Sunday, both times because I'm on panels. I also plan to turn up late Thursday night, but that's just for the panel I'm on then, nothing else.

The panels I'm officially on are:

...under the cut... )

And that's my Swancon plan for '07. One of these years I might even build up the strength to go to an entire one again, instead of wimping out like I generally do these days.

I have a vague little notion to do something special for the relaunch of Carnies, but I don't know if I'm going to have the time needed to prepare it. I might have to put aside my zombie story "Sleepwalkers" this week and knuckle down to it for the next three weeks. Let's just say that I have thirteen copies of Carnies I want to sell off, and I'd like to give away something extra with each one. Perhaps, say, an additional chapter. 'Nuff said. :) But please don't crucify me if I don't get it done in time, I'm only human!


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