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It seems the gods are consiring to keep my spirits up on the first day of NaNo... firstly, Antipodean SF has released its latest issue, including my story, "Zero Point", one of my increasingly-rare forays into SF stories. So, yay me!

And secondly, The Specusphere has released a new issue, and in it is a plethora of reviewy goodness, including:

Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume 3 - "Other particularly strong and disturbing pieces included... There was Darkness by Martin Livings..."


Midnight Echoes Issues 1 and 2 - ...the final piece, “Piggies” by Martin Livings, would have been earmarked as my personal favourite despite its short length, had I not just eaten when I read it. It quite literally left my toes curling and helped maintain the lingering feeling of uneasiness I had developed in reading this anthology.

It's great to see Specusphere start to really take on Australian horror, it's been a little lax in doing so, but with [profile] felicitydowker there carrying the flag for us, I'm sure we'll get even more reviews in the future!

New review!

May. 9th, 2009 08:56 am
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  • "There Was Darkness", as reprinted in Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror Volume 3, has been reviewed in Scary Minds.

    Martin Livings offered a sort of postscript to John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids that reads like a fantasy till it really hit the horror sizzle in the final paragraphs. I've still got a chill going down my spine over that one.

    Always nice to get feedback like this. :)

    Whoa, while I was there, I also spotted a wonderfully positive review of Carnies that had previously escaped my atention:

    If you miss out on this novel you will be howling at the moon in frustration. Run, don't walk, to get a copy right now!

    Wow... just... wow...
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    Australian Small Press Co-operative Publishing has blogged a list of all the Aussies who scored a mention in Datlow/Link/Grant's 21st Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, an annual collection that rounds up and showcases the best horror and fantasy from around the world.

    And I scored a mention! Woot!

    Martin Livings, "There Was Darkness", FANTASTIC WONDER STORIES

    I'm really stoked about this one, because it was a story that I loved to bits but found hard to sell. I'm so thrilled that [ profile] punkrocker1991 decided to take a chance on it, and that the good folks at Year's Best liked it too.

    Congratulations to everyone else who scored a listing too... off my f-list alone, there's [ profile] battersblog, [ profile] coode_street, [ profile] roberthood_rss, [ profile] catsparx, [ profile] benpeek, [ profile] margolanagan and [ profile] kaaronwarren, not to mention all the other names there I recognise. And, of course, to Garth and Terry, who actually got reprinted in the book!
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    There's been a nice review of Fantastic Wonder Stories over at the Tin Duck award winning review site ASif (plug plug, [ profile] girliejones!). I haven't read the whole review, as I'm still working my way through the collection myself (and, to quote Maxwell Smart, loving it!). But the reviewer, Alexandra Pierce, said rather nice things about my story, so I'm a happy boy:

    “There was Darkness”, by Martin Livings, is an interesting take on the post-apocalyptic world where people have turned to extreme religion for solace.

    (cut for minor plot spoilers)

    This is a really well written piece: to write without actually describing what something looks like must be a demanding exercise.

    From what I've read of this book so far, it's an awesome collection, and I'm pleased and proud as punch to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. If you haven't bought it yet, go online and order a copy. Tell Russ I sent you.


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