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So, I've had a few days of holidays on my own. I decided to go on a bit of a movie and TV binge, catch up with a pile of stuff I've been meaning to watch.

Under a cut, though no real spoilers for Saw V, Midnight Meat Train, Feast 2 and 3, Dollhouse and Torchwood: Children of Earth... )

Not bad for less than a week, huh? Now, of course, my sweety is on holidays with me, so we won't be watching quite as much, I suspect. But it was nice while it lasted. ;)
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Episodes of TV I've recently watched, cut for spoilers...

Fear Itself, Episode 1, 'The Sacrifice'... )

Doctor Who, 'Midnight'... )
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We just finished watching Life on Mars. And loved it to absolute bits. It's the new millennium's Singing Detective, which is one of my favourite pieces of storytelling ever, in any medium. And now I'm sad that it's all over. Completely brilliant.

Of course, I have an entire season of the followup, Ashes to Ashes, to watch now. It won't be the same without John Simm. But at least it's another dose of the Gene Genie.

Seeya, Sam.
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You're fired!

(only the UK version will do... the US one sucks...)
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Under a cut again... c'mon, people, watch the show, at least once before you burn it! )
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It's an anagram of Doctor Who.


So, what's an anagram of "Total and utter shite"?

Some very short ranting underneath, no major spoilers, but crazies might want to skip it anyway... )
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So, I'm watching the new series of telemovies based on the short stories of Stephen King, and I gotta say, I'm underwhelmed with the first two at least. Battleground is an adult version of Toy Story, if you imagine the green army men attacking someone. It was only notable for the fact that the entire one-hour movie had not a single line of dialogue. And Crouch End unfairly maligns a lovely suburb of London by claiming it's a gateway into a Lovecraftian hell (and I do mean Lovecraftian... Cthulhu, R'yleh and Nyarlathotep pop up in street signs, if not in person). It really was very lame, especially the cat effect (which they were so proud of, they showed about a dozen times) and the "twist" ending (involving the cat effect!).

It's notable that the series was filmed in Australia, and it shows, especially the Crouch End episode, which looked nothing like Crouch End, or London for that matter. Also most of the supporting cast and extras are recognisably Australian to my Aussie eye, and I see from the cast listings that such actors as Greta Scacchi, Sigrid Thornton and Rebecca Gibney are in upcoming episodes. Gee, I can't wait.

What is it with filming ordinary Stephen King adaptations in Australia? Wasn't Salem's Lot bad enough????


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