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Apr. 28th, 2009 10:00 am
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Even since I wrote Carnies, I've been talking about how it was inspired by the cheap remainered paperback horror novels I used to read as a boy. But the title of one that had a huge impact on me had eluded me for many years.

Until last night, when i finally remembered it. The Tribe. A generic title, unfortunately, but a series of intense Google searches later, I actually found it. So now I can officially name the three novels that I remember best from those halcyon days, three books I bought for peanuts from a revolving stand in my local deli that warped changed me forever. They are:

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Now, I'm in no way saying these books are classics. Heck, I doubt they're even good. But for my highly-impressionable mind, they were the beginnings of a career. These are the kinds of books I'd like to write, because I don't think anyone's doing it anymore. Pulp horror, gross and fun and exciting.

I love it!
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What's the difference between reading a Greg Egan novel and reading a physics textbook?

His excitement of the subject matter, basically. It's infectious.

I just finished Incandescence, and it was bloody good.
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"It is complete loose stool-water, it is arse-gravy of the worst kind."
Stephen Fry, on The DaVinci Code
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Okay, to keep myself honest, I'm gonna write reviews of every book I read this year. But, to keep myself sane, I'm gonna restrict the reviews to five words or less. :) So let's start with the book I bought at the airport at Heathrow, with the intention of reading it on the plane, but ended up reading it back in Perth instead. I just finished it a few minutes ago.

American Gods, Neil Gaiman
I liked it. A lot.

Next, once I've actually read them: Prismatic by Edwina Grey, followed by Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliot.
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As nicked from [ profile] splanky and all of the others! The fifty significant SF books as listed by TIME magazine, I think? Bold the ones you have read, strike through the ones you read and hated, italicize those you started but never finished and put a star next to the ones you love.

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