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Firstly, [personal profile] mondyboy reviews the current batch of Twelfth Planet Press publications HERE, including New Ceres Nights, which gets glowing coverage, and scores me a mention:

Martin Livings pulls no punches with "Blessed Are the Dead That the Rain Falls Upon", which is easily the most violent and grim story in the collection - which was no problem for me because I like violent and grim and Martin writes it very well

Aww... but I thought it wasn't actually that violent and grim! In fact, I found it strangely touching. Boy, if he could have read my original ending, before [personal profile] girliejones and [personal profile] editormum put me in my place... ;)

Plus I just found out that I haven't been rejected yet for Festive Fear. Not an acceptance per se, mind you, but still, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, or a rejection, for that matter. More news as it comes to hand.

Oh, and BUY MY BOOK ONLINE NOW! Sorry, I'm contractually [1] obligated to add this to the end of every post I make from now on. :)

[1] well, it's an informal contract with my distributor... who is also me...
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I've been hanging out for this... thanks to [ profile] girliejones for the link!

Alex makes me happy by saying:

Criminality is again a major issue, along with high tech, for Martin Livings’ “Blessed are the Dead that the Rain Falls Upon”. Once again taking us into the underbelly of New Ceres society, and this time connecting it viscerally with the aristocrats, this tale of the snake disguised as a flower is a delightful take on the detective noir genre; I could imagine (a younger) Harrison Ford playing the detective’s (sorry, constable’s) role. While some of the stories treat technology in quite straightforward terms (can’t have/want to have), it’s problematised in this tale by not being a passive object. It’s another of my favourites.

*poing poing poing*

And, of the collection itself, she says:

Overall, this is a superb anthology, and one that I highly recommend. Coming out of a shared online world, it is to be hoped that there will be more authors who are inspired to take up the stories, ideas, and characters suggested by these thirteen authors – and there is so much that is hinted at and swept over! – so that New Ceres’ history, and its future, become as fully fleshed out as they deserve to be.

Nice work, [ profile] girliejones and [ profile] editormum!!!!

I really should get around to reading it myself, shouldn't I???
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Not to mention the Best Of Fantasy and Best Of Science Fiction volumes. These are available as downloadable PDFs for AUD$10 a piece. My story from issue 11, "Tangled", is featured, as are stories by [ profile] battblush, [ profile] battersblog, [ profile] paulhaines, [ profile] stephen_dedman, and many many more. Big props to [ profile] asimmum for arranging this, or at least being the person who's been contacting everyone about it, and for letting my hack my story into a million pieces and re-arrange it with the benefit of hindsight and experience.

Order your copy here:

And, while you're at it, go subscribe to New Ceres too. I've printed out the first two issues to have a read of, as soon as I find the time. Justify [ profile] girliejones's three frickin' Ditmars [1]. :)

[1] Have I mentioned I've never won one? Not even a single one? I have? Oh, okay.
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Yes, I've been slack about putting my money where my mouth is lately. Sometimes I feel like a bloated leech on the neck of small presses; I tend to take money from them (by selling them stories) but never give any back (by actually buying anything). I tend to survive off contributors copies alone. But when something genuinely different comes along, you should get behind it, just a little, to keep it going long enough to see if it'll work. Small presses, like small businesses, tend to either fail very quickly or stick around for a long time. It's up to us to push them from the former to the latter, to give them a chance to find their feet. Or, more accurately in this case, find their audience.

So please, subscribe to New Ceres now. It's only five bucks an issue, with stories from folks like [ profile] catsparx, [ profile] jaylake, [ profile] stephen_dedman and the (as far as I know) LJ-less Lucy Sussex. I've laid down my pink plastic note. If I like it, I'll keep laying them down. But if we don't do this early on, we'll never get the chance to see where this experiment goes. And that would be a serious shame.

As a mildly-inappropriate incentive, anyone who can email me their receipt for subscribing (with any sensitive information edited out, of course!) will be emailed a PDF copy of the prologue to Bitches, the sequel-in-progress to Carnies.

Email me at newcerespimp [at] martinlivings [dot] com.


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