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Next time I post, I should be back in Perth.

Cheers, all!
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Seeyas all in, eesh, 25 days or so!

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So... what did I miss? :)

Writeups will follow of our 15 day ordeal, sorry, adventure. Right now I can barely type, so I'm going to go to bedrsgtrkndvmbvc
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Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. I've been keeping myself bloody busy, supposedly consistantising (????) Skinsongs (only managed six chapters, and still have to do some more on those as well in terms of character, but luckily I changed to the new concept at chapter 10, so I only have three to go before I go back to the start and roughly rewrite bits to fit in with the new characterisation), but actually researching and booking holidays. At this stage, our overview itinerary is rather, uh, interesting for the next few months. To whit:

Under the cut, for those who aren't remotely interested in where we're gonna be for the next three months! )

This is, of course, costing a ridiculous amount of money, but this is what we came here to do. We saved for a year for this holiday, and by God we're gonna see everything we possibly can before climbing onto a plane and heading back to Perth on the 30th of January.

I can't wait to get back home, to be honest. I miss it. But we're doing everything we can to distract ourselves between now and then!
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I've just booked our hotels for the first of our three little two-week holiday-ettes we'll be taking from November onwards. Our basic plan for these holidays is:
  • 2 weeks travelling around England, and also going back to Edinburgh
  • 2 week travelling around Europe
  • Another 2 weeks travelling around Europe
  • 1.5 weeks travelling around Ireland and Wales
So, the first of these is almost entirely organised. All I need to do is buy the two week National Express BritExplorer buss pass, so we can get from city to city in the first place, and plan an approximate bus timetable (some trips need an exact time, others we can pick and choose!). It seems to be the cheapest and most efficient way of doing it.

Our rough itinerary, for anyone interested! )

And yes, I haven't posted a "Skinsongs Progress" report from yesterday. There's a reason for that. If you don't see one today either, there'll be a reason for that too. But hopefully I'll knuckle down later today. Maybe.


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